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The Small Business Collective is simply designed to provide marketing advice to small businesses.

Right now, there have never been greater opportunities to build a business to scale. People have access to huge computing resource (Amazon), the ability to reach millions of targeted users for only a few hundred pounds, and create a huge following of users (ie. potential customers).

10 years ago you would have needed an agency and many thousands (if not millions) of pounds to do this. Now it can be done with one person. You.

In theory at least.

Thing is, these resources may be affordable and within reach of mere mortals. But there are still many strands to a marketing campaign and they can be difficult to manage and coordinate into one synchronised effort.

Especially, if there is only one or two of you.

That is what this blog is about. If not providing the answers, trying to find some sort of system to take you forward.

In our experience, social media adopters are basically SMBs — small and medium businesses or independents/solos seeking new ways to communicate.

In the not too distant past, SMBs were always credited with revitalizing a down economy and refueling confidence. Today, however, reports say SMB owners are stymied with the current lending debacle and are not hiring employees as fast as the economy needs them to (in the U.S.).

Look at social media. Our observation is that those with whom we engage on Twitter primarily are ALL SMBs from many points on the globe. Each of us in our own right have earned expertise in a variety of subject matters. This is what we will present to you, our readers, supporters, naysayers, friends, and more.

If you have an opinion to share, a consensus to build, a comment to negate, please do so in a respectful way. The sky is blue, and there’s so much of it to reach for. We will do that here and speak to sides of the story that may not be yours. We invite your opinion to make our conversation richer and robust.

We need your contributions and guest posts to accomplish our goals:

  • Create a community by and for SMBs where friendly exchange helps educate and bring solutions forward.
  • Develop a treasure trove of content for everyone’s access so we may help ease the learning process for all SMBs.
  • Delight in the varied global perspectives we hope to secure with leaders from all points in the world.

This blog aims to be a respository for people who run small businesses and startups to discuss issues and get new ideas.

If you’re interested in contributing, feel free to reach out.